We offer a range of services that allows us to adapt to the needs of your business, from accounting, taxes, investment projects, staff management and administration, targeted for both individual entrepreneurs and micro, small or medium size companies.

What can we do for you?

Investment Projects

Have you ever thought about opening a business and don’t know where to start? We work with our clients to prepare all documentation according to the needs of your business and to show the viability and strategies from a structural, commercial, administrative, operational and financial point of view. Learn about the benefits →

Startup Business

As part of the IEFP entrepreneurship support program, we have all the tools to assist you in the application process, from documentation organization, completing the application form, development and realization of the project.

Agricultural Projects

As part of the PDR2020 (former PRODER) support program, we work with you in developing the project and applying for community aid in agricultural activities, monitoring with the competent authorities and expert advice. Discover the benefits of our service →


As you surely know, accounting plays an important role in how it manages and evaluates its business and it’s essential to its administration. This is why we work with you in every step, so you can run your business safely and effectively. Learn more about our accounting services →


The Portuguese tax law is constantly changing and it becomes increasingly necessary to turn to professionals to help make better decisions for your business. At MKP we find ourselves in constant training and systematically monitoring all tax legislation to better advise our customers. Find out what we can do for you →

Staff Management

Human capital is the engine of any business and the sucess of any organization dependes on the skills, motivation and well-being of its employees. That’s why we help micro, small and medium size companies with their staff management. Learn about the services we provide in this field →


Leave your IRS in the hands of professionals. We deliver your Model 3 – IRS, both in the first and the second phase.

Other Services…

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We are Mais K Perfeitos

MKP is made of multidisciplinary professionals with several years of experience in agriculture, accounting and software development. We are living proof that the most unlikely combinations are sometimes the ones that work best. Our young, small and agile team loves new challenges and business ideas. We use our experience to help people and businesses being best at what they do! That’s why we love to tell people that we work with our clients, not for them.

Discover who we are and what we do. Come visit us or talk to us at info@maiskperfeito.com.


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