We are at the forefront of avocado production, constantly looking for new techniques and methods in the production of tropical and subtropical fruit. Algarve’s favorable climate together with high quality plants and the use of natural organic matter culminate in a healthy and tasty product. We are members of Portugal Fresh and CAP – Agricultores de Portugal.

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Avocado and Mango Production

We produce top quality tropical and subtropical fruits, including avocados and mangoes, using only natural organic materials. Algarve’s weather helps plants grow into tasty and healthy fruits.

Avocado and Mango Trading and Distribution

We operate in the Portuguese and Spanish markets where we trade and distribute our fruits. Our goal is to expand to the international market. Do you have quality avocado plantations? We buy all your production!

Plants Trading and Distribution

Without a good quality plant, it is unlikely to have quality fruit. Our rootstocks produce a sturdier plant, able of more and better production.

Technical Support and Consulting

We provide support and advice to avocado and mango producers in all stages of development, from installation, through development and adulthood. Do you have or intend to build a new agricultural project but have questions or need some help? Talk to us!

Agricultural Projects

As part of the PDR2020 (former PRODER) support program, we work with you in developing your project and applying for community aid in agricultural activities, monitoring with the competent authorities and expert advice. Discover the benefits of our service →

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We are Mais K Perfeitos

MKP is made of multidisciplinary professionals with several years of experience in agriculture, accounting and software development. We are living proof that the most unlikely combinations are sometimes the ones that work best. Our agile and dynamic team loves new challenges and business ideas. We use our experience to help people and businesses being even better at what they do! That’s why we love to tell people that we work with our clients, not for them.

Discover who we are and what we do. Come visit us or talk to us at info@maiskperfeito.com.


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