We love what we do! We use innovative technologies to create equally innovative products. We help you from the beginning to understand your needs and continually improve your product.

It’s not just Software, it’s an experience

User Experience

User experience involves behaviors, attitudes and emotions when using a particular product or service. From need assessment through design, management and development, our products are studied to maximize usability, usefulness, acessibility, value, credibility and desire.


Did you know that about 70% of the Portuguese have internet access and that most of them uses Google to find products and businesses? Thus your website becomes the main gateway to your business. We create your website, make it uber fast and in the top search results.

Web Applications

A web application is a program that runs in the browser (such as Firefox or Google Chrome). Picture yourself and your employees managing your company stock from the Web.

Mobile Applications

In 2015, traffic generated by mobile devices surpassed computers. 89% of those users spend their time on apps. Our team specializes in usability and creating cross-platform applications for smartphones and tablets.

Custom Software

We want to automate your work so you have more time for other things. From small programs that remove repetitive tasks to full fledged products that may be used by your team or sold by your company.

Software Integration

Already have some fancy software that cost you a fortune but needs more features? No problem, our applications can integrate with existing ones, hassle free. Contact us to learn more.


An online store is the best way to scale your business and increase sales. Not only do we create a store fully managed by you, but we also help you choose the best payment methods, distribution and other useful tips.


Our skilled trainers are qualified to give training in programming languages, technologies, techniques or methodologies for your team or group.

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We are Mais K Perfeitos

MKP is made of multidisciplinary professionals with several years of experience in agriculture, accounting and software development. We are living proof that the most unlikely combinations are sometimes the ones that work best. Our young, small and agile team loves new challenges and business ideas. We use our experience to help people and businesses being best at what they do! That’s why we love to tell people that we work with our clients, not for them.

Discover who we are and what we do. Come visit us or talk to us at info@maiskperfeito.com.


Avenida 12 de Julho
Urb. Ferreiras Park
Lote 1, R/C, Loja C
8200-559 Ferreiras, Albufeira